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Tally Street analyzes invoice-related data to uncover customer stories, help you make better decisions, and anticipate problems before they happen.  The data, insights and recommendations are sent directly to you and your advisor via email and through the Tally Street dashboard.

It won’t! Tally Street is “read-only”. Tally Street only retrieves customer and invoice data from accounting systems for analysis. This also helps Tally Street handle very large data files without impacting accounting performance. Tally Street never adds, changes, or deletes any data in your accounting systems.

Tally Street is available for QuickBooks Online, Desktop and Enterprise and subject to the same restrictions Intuit places on all apps. You should review our Privacy Policy and Service Agreement. You also should review Intuit’s Data Sharing Policy.

When you connect Tally Street to QuickBooks, you are granting access to accounting data that includes customers, invoices, estimates, sales receipts, credit memos, and other transaction data. Tally Street does not require access to bill, budget, inventory, payroll, or time activity data. Tally Street does not create, modify or process any payments.

First, you have full control over Tally Street’s access to your accounting software, which is read-only (we NEVER change anything in your accounting system), and we comply with the security and privacy requirements of each solution. Then all data sent between your accounting software and Tally Street are sent over authenticated and encrypted connections. We then store your data in a multi-tenant infrastructure that separates each company’s data from other companies’ data, and we also store it as encrypted data. We also carefully manage and control all access to and between our internal services with firewalls and other barriers.

No you don’t! If you use QuickBooks Online, Sage Intacct, or Xero then you only have to connect your system with Tally Street. See the connection guide for your accounting software.

If you have QuickBooks Desktop or Enterprise installed then you should already have the QuickBooks Web Connector that is provided by Intuit to enable safe communications with third-party services. Our QuickBooks Enterprise connection guide provides the details.

Please let us know if you need more help!

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