How-to Guides

Connecting to QuickBooks Online

Connecting Tally Street to QuickBooks Online takes about 15 seconds, but you must be an administrator or accountant for the QuickBooks account.

Connecting to QuickBooks Enterprise

Tally Street safely and securely integrates with QuickBooks Desktop and Enterprise using the built-in Web Connector, in just a few simple steps.

Tally Customer Sheet

The Tally Customer Sheet summarizes the performance, lifetime value and payment performance of every customer based on you invoice and payments data.


First Steps to Client Advisory Success

You already decided (correctly) that you need to adopt new technologies instead of resisting them and outsource routine work to machines while focusing on higher-value advisory opportunities. Here are a few suggestions on how to get started.

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Aging Reports Growing Old?

Too many advisors and small businesses still use aging reports to measure how well businesses are collecting payments. AR aging reports are simply a list of outstanding invoices grouped into buckets of 30 days, which might not even be appropriate for a particular business or industry. We can all do better.

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Our Alternative to the Misleading DSO Metric

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) is a poor and misunderstood measure of how long it takes to collect payments on invoices, ie, generate cash. Tally DSO is an improvement on DSO that handles partial payments, adjusts for different payment and sale amounts, and can be compared to performance benchmarks of performance.

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First, we rely on your successful authentication as a QuickBooks administrator or ProAdvisor to provide access to QuickBooks, and we comply with Intuit’s policies. All data sent between QuickBooks and Tally Street are sent over authenticated and encrypted connections. We then store your data in a multi-tenant infrastructure that separates each company’s data from other companies’ data, and we also store it as encrypted data. We also carefully manage and control all access to and between our internal services with firewalls and other barriers. Lastly, we minimize exposure to external access risks because we directly send the reports and summaries we generate to you instead of requiring you to log into a dashboard.

It won’t! Tally Street is “read-only”. Tally Street only retrieves customer and invoice data from QuickBooks for analysis. This also helps Tally Street handle very large data files without impacting QuickBooks performance. Tally Street never adds, changes, or deletes any data in QuickBooks.

Tally Street is available for QuickBooks Online, Desktop and Enterprise and subject to the same restrictions Intuit places on all apps. You should review our Privacy Policy and Service Agreement. You also should review Intuit’s Data Sharing Policy.

When you connect Tally Street to QuickBooks, you are granting access to accounting data that includes customers, invoices, estimates, sales receipts, credit memos, and other transaction data. Tally Street does not require access to bill, budget, inventory, payroll, or time activity data. Tally Street does not create, modify or process any payments.

Tally Street analyzes invoice-related data to find new sales opportunities, better understand customer purchasing and payment patterns, and boost incoming cash flow. The data, insights and recommendations are sent directly to the QuickBooks administrator or accountant.

It’s easy to get started