Connecting to Xero

Connect Tally Street to Xero

Connecting Tally Street to Xero takes about 15 seconds, but you must be an administrator or accountant for the Xero account.

  1. Register or sign into the Tally Street dashboard
  2. Select to connect to Xero, you may be asked to authenticate with Xero
  3. Click Allow Access when the following screen appears

That’s it! Really! There’s nothing else to configure or change.

Data Flow

The connection between Xero and Tally Street is read-only and focused on the data need to generate insights about customer purchasing and payment behaviors.
XeroTally Street
A/R PaymentsPayments
A/R Credit NotesCredit Notes
Tracking CategoriesCategories

Removing Tally Street

To reset or disconnect Tally Street from Xero: (1) log into Xero, (2) go to the settings for your organization, (3) select Connected Apps, and (4) click to disconnect Tally Street. You’ll then have an opportunity to reconnect Tally Street.

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