Connecting to Sage Intacct

Connect Tally Street to Sage Intacct

Connecting Tally Street to Sage Intacct requires enabling Sage Intacct’s Web Services, creating a new Web Services User, and then entering those user credentials into the Tally Street dashboard.

Enable Web Services

Sage Intacct Web Services enables you to exchange Intacct information with external applications and integrations, such as Tally Street. Data are sent or received in the form of API requests that are made through a Web Services endpoint.

To subscribe to Web Services (more details in the Sage help center):

  1. Go to Company > Admin > Subscriptions
    • Turn on Web Services
  2. Go to Company > Setup > Company
    • Switch to the Security tab, click edit, scroll down to Web Services authorization, and Add
    • Enter TallyStreetMPP for the Sender ID and Web Sender ID for the Description
    • Click Save

Create Web User Role and Account

Applications such as Tally Street need a unique Sage Intacct Web Services User to exchange information with Sage Intacct via Web Services. First, create a new role for the Tally St application.

  1. Go to Company > Admin > Roles
  2. Click Add to create a new role
    • We recommend using Tally St for the name; click Save
  3. You can set the read-only permissions for the new Tally St role by clicking the checkbox and then clicking on the Permissions hyperlink. The following are required:
    • Administration: set “Company Info” to View; click Save
    • Company: set to Read Only, click Save
    • General Ledger: set Activities to Read Only; click Save
    • Accounts Receivable: set Activities/Lists to Read Only, set Manage Payments in Activities to List and View; scroll down and set Reports to Read Only; click Save
    • Order Entry: set Activities/Lists to Read Only, then scroll down and set Reports to Read only; click Save

Now create a Web Services user and assign the new Tally St role to the new user

  1. Go to Company > Admin > Web Services users
  2. Click Add to create a new user. We recommend the following settings:
    • User ID: tallystreet
    • Last name: Street
    • First name: Tally
    • Email address: your shared accounting team email
    • Contact name: leave blank
    • User name: will auto-fill with Tally Street
    • User type: Business
    • Admin privileges: Limited

  1. Assign the new role to this user
    • Click Roles information
    • Select Tally St (or the role name you used) and click Save

Add Sage Credentials to Tally Street

The final step is to add your Sage web user credentials to Tally Street and enable the connection.

  1. Return to and login if needed
  2. Confirm you’re in the correct company/client (if you have access to more than one)
  3. If you have not connected any platforms yet, then you can click the Sage Intacct button on the Overview page. Otherwise, select Connected Platforms in the left menu
  4. Enter your Sage Intacct credentials. You will have received an email from Sage with the following information:
    • Company ID: your company id
    • User ID: tallystreet (or the user ID you created)
    • Password: see the email you received after creating the new web services user

Additional Considerations

IP filtering is not yet supported. Contact us for details.

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