Sales metrics and customer insights from accounting data

Close the gap with larger businesses with access to the same data they use to accelerate growth and anticipate problems.

Track sales performance

Use your annual run rate, customer retention, net revenue retention and more to track overall sales performance.

Tally Street goes all the way down to product level with pricing analyses, product concentration, and rollups by category and type.

Find customer opportunities

Use individual customer insights to profile new sales targets, upsell current customers, and improve customer satisfaction.

The Tally Customer Sheet gives you the acquisition date, lifetime value, sales rank, 4+ years of sales history, payment performance and more for each customer.

Boost A/R collections

Speed sales-to-cash, boost accounts receivable collections, manage customer credit risk, and make cash flow more predictable.

Tally Street generates collections KPIs including collections effectiveness (CEI) and days sales outstanding (DSO), along with individual customer performance and risk.

Beat the benchmarks

Compare, rank and benchmark your business’s performance against other small businesses of a similar size and industry.

Tally Street provides broad benchmarks for sales growth, customer retention, overdue invoices, and more.


Connect your CRM

Align sales, marketing, support and accounting by automatically syncing customer analytics and insights to Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot and Salesforce.

Connecting Tally Street to other platforms is as simple as adding an app. More than 25 new properties and events are refreshed every day.

HubSpot dashboard with customer data from Tally Street RevOps

Your accounting firm can help you get started

Do more and grow faster with industry-leading customer analytics