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Tally Street integrates with QuickBooks, Sage Intacct and Xero
Accounting & FinanceMarketing

Accounting systems are treasure troves of customer insights

Due to the rising importance of analytics and data science to boost customer intelligence and grow customer value, much derided accounting data are turning out to be some of the most valuable assets owned by small businesses. Now SMBs are combining cloud accounting systems with new tools that don’t require teams of data scientists.

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Tally Street is a Xero Developer
Accounting & FinanceRevOps

Customer metrics with Xero

Businesses using Xero can connect to Tally Street in just two clicks! With the Tally Street app now published in the Xero App Marketplace, it’s easier than ever for Xero users to dig actionable customer insights out of their Xero accounting data.

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Smart customer segmentation for growth

Acquiring new customers is important to success, but retaining customers is critical to profitability and long-term growth. An earlier article explained how to track retention by calculating and tracking customer and revenue retention metrics. That used to require lots of …

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Covid-19 Lockdown Impact on Small Businesses
Accounting & FinanceSales

Manage customer risks now and after Covid-19

Covid-19 lockdown impact on small businesses Incoming cash falls 50% at small business-to-business companies Most of the small business alarms during the coronavirus lockdowns have been ringing for consumer businesses, with good reason since restaurants and retailers across the country …

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Tally Street selected for AICPA Startup Accelerator

AICPA and select Tally Street

2020 lineup announced for startup accelerator tied to accounting innovation Four early-stage companies to receive guidance from the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants and NEW YORK (Feb 24, 2020) – Four early-stage companies pursuing various solutions involving digital …

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Net Revenue Retention's Impact on Revenue Growth
Accounting & FinanceRevOps

Net Revenue Retention drives B2B success

Acquiring new customers is important to growth, but retaining customers is critical to the survival of businesses that depend on repeat sales to the same customers. There are multiple ways to measure repeat business success, but key ones are customer retention and net revenue retention.

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Accounting & Finance

Is your A/R giving you any credit?

Traditional banks tend to limit loan amounts to a percentage of the business’s net worth or a percentage of high-quality assets. For many businesses, accounts receivable is one of their most significant assets — and helping your lender appreciate the quality of that A/R can help you borrow the maximum amount at optimal rates.

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Accounting & Finance

First steps to client advisory success

You already decided (correctly) that you need to adopt new technologies instead of resisting them and outsource routine work to machines while focusing on higher-value advisory opportunities. Here are a few suggestions on how to get started.

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