Tally Street is now part of Right Networks

I’m very excited to announce that Tally Street was acquired by Right Networks and will become an important part of the Rootworks products and services!

Tally Street was founded in 2019 to provide accounting firms and their millions of small and midsized business clients with the customer insights they need to improve their businesses. We designed Tally Street to be easy, quick and affordable with apps that connect to QuickBooks and Xero, and with our own cloud-based software that automates the analytics. Actionable results are then proactively delivered to subscribers and can be synced to Google, Microsoft, HubSpot and Salesforce.
“We watched Tally Street quickly become the leading customer intelligence solution for small businesses and saw how it could immediately add value to our solutions,” said Joel Hughes. “Brian Suthoff will lead these efforts as our new Vice President of Software Products and co-founders Jim Hall and Steve Frank also joined our business development and engineering teams, respectively.”

Tally Street customers will continue using their services the same way and continue receiving their customer analytics. Additionally, as part of Rootworks we now added resources to develop new capabilities and features at a faster pace. We’ll also be investing more to help accountants serve their clients more efficiently.

We want to thank the customers and partners in our local communities and around the world who gave our start-up an opportunity to serve them and prove ourselves! We look forward to learning and working together for years to come to help make small businesses more successful.

Brian Suthoff
CEO and Co-founder

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