3 ways customer Intelligence strengthens customer relationships

In the current environment, your customers might just go dark or churn altogether as they deal with their own business-critical issues.

How can you stay ahead of that? With relevant and actionable data on what’s happening with your customers, you can nurture and strengthen relationships in order to avoid losing them.

1. Stay current on customers

Customers didn’t forget about their favorite businesses — they just wanted them to deliver in new ways. And as quickly as a Google search.

Businesses now have to quickly figure out how to best allocate resources to different customers. Key questions that the C-suite needs to have top of mind nowadays include:

  • Which customers have the most promising sales growth?
  • Who recently stopped buying?
  • Which customers pay late or are getting riskier?

Customer intelligence tracks these types of behavior changes, identifies overall patterns in customers’ buying habits, and empowers quick and relevant business decisions.

2. Prioritize key customers

Customer behavior data helps businesses better up-sell and serve customers with segmentation. By syncing this data into a customer relationship manager (CRM) such as HubSpot and Salesforce, sales leaders can prioritize their customers by grouping them into “Champions,” “Late Payers,” or those they’re at risk of losing.

For example, Marketing can work with Sales to determine upsell/cross-sell strategies to the most profitable customers. Furthermore, marketing teams can leverage these segments to build ideal customer profiles that sales teams can use to target new prospects. In this way marketers can ensure newly sold customers are the best possible fits and are most likely to be successful long-term customers. .

3. Anticipate future opportunities

After syncing customer intelligence data to a CRM, businesses can plan outreach based on their current customers’ patterns. Having a smarter CRM allows businesses to seamlessly sell to more customers within the context of their operations.

For example, a customer may stock up for an annual industry trade show every December. Knowing this big order may be on the way, a salesperson may want to get ahead of it and up-sell bulk purchasing discounts or cross-sell any related services that could support their goals. With segmentation businesses can customize messaging to customers and close more up-sell opportunities.

Get more customer intelligence in seconds

While generating customer intelligence may have taken an entire data team in the past, it can now be produced in seconds, and kept up-to-date in real time. Tally Street’s ability to pull data directly from sales invoices gives B2B companies access to previously untapped insights that only enterprise companies could afford in the past. With Tally Street’s insights Sales teams can better retain current customers, spot patterns to reduce churn, and create personalized approaches to up-sell and cross-sell services to lead customers to success.

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