Serve your small business clients more efficiently

Turn accounting data into client intelligence and new opportunities

Client intelligence for opportunities and growth

Find opportunities to boost efficiency, optimize pricing, and help clients

Unmatched simplicity



Tally Street easily and safely
connects to QuickBooks, Xero or
Sage Intacct in seconds.



Client records and results are generated for you. No configuration or data scientist required.


Reports are auto-sent by email, synced to Google Sheets, Excel 365 and CRMs, and archived for you.

Give clients better insights

Clients need more than traditional financial statements. Instantly provide insights into customer lifetime value (LTV), sales trends, concentration risk, product pricing, and collections performance in branded reports.

Our customers

We built Tally Street for modern accounting and finance firms who are trying to more efficiently and profitably serve their small business clients.

Tally Street selected for AICPA Startup Accelerator

Selected by AICPA/

Tally Street was selected for the 2020 AICPA/ Startup Accelerator as a solution that brings technology and value to an evolving accounting profession.

We provide accounting  and bookkeeping firms resources needed to deliver more decision support and value to your firm and your SMB clients. Instantly and simply.

Start turning accounting data into insights for you and for your clients

Use client and customer intelligence to grow both of your businesses